10 Best eco bloggers to follow in 2017

by Anna Anagno January 18, 2017 1 Comment

10 Best eco bloggers to follow in 2017

With so many new bloggers popping up every day it's hard to find good (+ by good, I mean freakin' fantastic) bloggers out there that know their stuff about living an eco lifestyle + importantly, have personality! 

So I've rounded up the best of the best! These guys are rocking the eco world, creating changes + are darn right inspirational. 


1// Eco Warrior Princess – More than just an eco fashion blog, Eco Warrior Princess is a lifestyle blog that celebrates + promotes making informed decisions about where you spend your time + money. Founded by the beautiful Jen who is living an eco-friendly lifestyle without compromising her values.

Best bit: You can be a novice or a kick-ass sustainable pro, there is information to help anyone on their personal journey.


Sustainably Chic wearing One Happy Leaf

Photo by Sustainably Chic


2// Sustainably Chic – You may know Natalie from her killer Instagram feed, full of beautiful photos of ethically made products. I’m a huge fan of Natalie as she recognises that buying sustainably made products can be difficult. Her mission is to make it as simple as possible for everyone (oh, + she has absolutely nailed it).

Best bit: Huge, + I mean HUGE directory of ethical + eco-friendly brands. There is no product type that you can't find in the directory. No excuses now!


3// Eco Cult – Alden from New York has an unapologetic approach to living a sustainable lifestyle. She has a deep knowledge of all things sustainable + masters the art of creating well-informed blogs to educate + inspire, minus the finger wagging!

Best bit:  Sustainable fashion tips for the New York scene.


Peppermint Magazine - ethical sustainable and eco magazine

4// Peppermint Magazine - Is actually an Australian magazine that lives + breathes my values; style, sustainability + substance. The magazine tells stories of people who are doing good in the world, encouraging everyone from all walks of life to live a more simple, authentic + meaningful life. 

Best bit: The monthly "Pepperment" Assignments. Small challenges designed to make a big impact for you, + the world around us. 


5// Fashion Hedge - Your thinking woman's guide to an eco lifestyle. These guys are your go-to blog for resources about ethical fashion + finding your nearest store for the conscious consumer. Lovers of a good ethical debate, this blog challenges the status quo.

Best bit: Beautiful designer eco fashion for the high end market.


Minimal and ethical homes

Photo by The Good Trade

6// The Good Trade - This website is dedicated to doing social good in the world. A community-driven blog for those who are searching for a more meaningful life, a life with ethically-minded choices in a consumer-driven world. The website has endless blogs about brands + ideas that are leading the charge in social change. 

Best bit: Check out the Conscious Living section (a personal favourite of mine) for blogs about living more mindfully + sustainably. 


7// Konscious Whispers - Kamea from the ethical writers coalition writes about all my favourites: eco escapes, sustainable style, holistic health, conscious cuisine + nature news. A lifestyle journal with the most beautiful photographs.

Best bit: Hands down the eco escapes! Her travel adventures will make you want to pack your bags tonight!


8// Selva Beat - An environmental lifestyle print + digital magazine. Specially designed for anyone starting their vegan + palm oil free journey (hands up if that's you!). An easy to read magazine that is guaranteed to motivate you into having an environmentally conscious lifestyle, day in, day out.

Best bit: The directory of palm oil free food brands for a quick reference guide.


9// Sustaining Life - I love the way Faye writes; she’s a straight talker that tells you exactly how she feels. She covers all topics about living an eco-friendly lifestyle, from zero-waste to gift guides + everything in between.

Best bit: The veggie challenge! Sign up to their 30 days of being meat free. 


10// Exist Green - Created by an environmental engineer who has a passion for nature + introducing newbies to a near-zero waste lifestyle. She has even developed a web app to help you work out your "ecological savings" (annual carbon savings) so you can feel good about those new environmentally-responsible choices you have made.

Best bit: Taking the 30 day eco challenge to get yourself pumped! 


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Anna Anagno
Anna Anagno


Anna is the founder and designer behind One Happy Leaf - an eternal optimist, suburban veggie grower, coffee lover + chronic cat cuddler. She believes that together we can make small sustainable changes to our lives to make the world better + greener than yesterday.

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Alyssa Hughes
Alyssa Hughes

January 26, 2017

Wow, what a great list!! I especially enjoy the “Best bit” callouts. :) Thank you so much!!

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