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My 10 favourite blogs and bloggers to follow in 2016

April 01, 2016

My 10 favourite blogs and bloggers to follow in 2016

Photo credit: Design for Mankind

I love to have a little Fika moment (you can read about Fika here) every afternoon. It’s a time that I escape from the studio, boil a cup of tea and eat vegan biscuits (just kidding, I eat cheap sugary biscuits – but I’d like to think one day I will actually bake some myself). Anyway, I’m getting off track. What I wanted to share with you is during this fika time, I like to read blogs from my favourite bloggers from across the globe.

I think what I like most about these bloggers is that they are all down-to-earth people, who I’d like to think that if we met in real life we would be besties.

So here is a list of my top 10 all-time favourite bloggers (in no particular order, because I couldn’t decide who was my favourite!):

Design For Mankind: Look, I have to admit it. I have a little bit of a girl crush on Erin, the editor of Design for Mankind. She is the type of woman that I have always wanted to grow up to be. Instead, I grew up and stayed quite nerdy,with my house in a constant state of disorganised clutter. She, on the other hand, is beautiful, glamorous (in a down-to-earth kind of way) and looks like she lives in an immaculate dream home. A former Art Director in Los Angeles, she is passionate about slow living, design, and often includes blogs about beauty and lifestyle.  Her blogging style is friendly and relatable as she gives lifestyle tips and glimpses of her uber-cool life.


Sustainably Chic: Natalie is a sustainable warrior, brilliant at finding small businesses across the world that use ethical or ecofriendly materials in their products. Mostly blogging about cute fashion products, she gets two thumbs up from me as she understands that sustainable community encompasses all aspects of society, economics and the environment.

Side note - My jewellery was lucky enough to be featured on Sustainably Chic, and you can read about it here.


Clementine Daily: This blog is a little offshoot of Design for Mankind. There are tonnes of information in here for women (written by experts) about travel, style, living, food and home. The blog celebrates that as women we often have multiple things on the go. There’s definitely no shaming here for a messy house, or a lacklustre style.  The best bit is the blogs are bite size, making it perfect to read a few different blogs in my 20 minute block.

Clementine Daily

Photo credit: Clementine Daily

The Minimalists: Two dudes from America (Ryan and Josh) who decided that enough was enough with buying too many consumables! I was addicted to these guys after watching “A rich life with less stuff” TED Talk.

Basically they write about their journey in living a life with more meaning, personal experiences, growth and contribution to the community. Minimalism can include decluttering your life of the physical products that burden you, to downsizing responsibilities, chores and ultimately stress (but this isn’t necessarily the main focus of minimalism). 


Little Grey Box: Phoebe from Little Grey Box has a special place in my heart! She and I had very similar backgrounds in terms of working in crappy government jobs, only to quit and follow our passions. Her passion is travelling the world. She has one of the most interesting jobs as a travel blogger and I am just a smidge jealous. She is your perfect travel advisor, as she is into no-fuss travel, exploring cities and off-the-track places like a hard-core local.

Little Grey Box

Photo credit: Little Grey Box

Bold Bliss: This fashion and travel blog is like no other. If you love to be caught up in literature, the way Bold Bliss describes her fashion style and photography is truly powerful. Who would have thought a fashion and travel blog could invoke excitement over the words that accompany the photography? Check her out as I really believe she is a budding author. The fun bit about her blog is that she never reveals her full face in any photographs. It’s like she is a secret agent.


The Eco Blog: This Australian blog is my go to blog whenever I need some eco inspiration. The blog isn’t an over the top hippie blog. It’s made for modern people who understand the challenges of city life, yet want inspiration on ethical living. The blogs are in-depth and provide inspiration on how to make simple changes in your life to incorporate eco values in lifestyle, health, travel, recipes and even conservation. 


Into Mind: Anuschka from Germany is passionate about helping others plan their unique wardrobe style incorporating quality pieces, rather than cheap bargains. Her recent blog about shopping from ethical brands means she can sit pretty on this list.  She is also a clever little bunny as she has written her first book called “The Curated Closet” which will be published in September this year.  I can’t wait! Check out her 10 Step program to help you revamp your wardrobe and discover your personal style.


The Minimalist Baker: It’s all in the name: minimal baking. Dana makes recipes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare, with 10 ingredients (or fewer) that are mixed in one bowl. As a lazy cook, I appreciate people like Dana in the world as she makes my life that little bit easier around 7pm every night. She focuses on yummy vegan and vegetarian recipes that make me hungry just looking at her website. Check out the 7 ingredient vegan cheesecake.


Un-fancy: I try to channel Caroline from Un-Fancy every day when I am piecing together an outfit. Her blog is all about minimalistic fashion and getting the most outfits out of a small scaled wardrobe. She specialises in creating small, intentional wardrobe capsules that are versatile to your needs. She believes in “smaller closet, intentional purchases, less shopping, and more joy.” And I agree completely.  Check out her capsule wardrobe planner here.

Links to Unfancy

Photo credit: Un-Fancy 

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