Statement necklace - eco-friendly jewellery by One Happy Leaf

Balance necklace (wholesale)

This statement necklace is destined to be your favourite for work and play. The unique and edgy necklace design will take you from day to night with ease.

The One Happy Leaf necklace:

♥ is made from eco-friendly bamboo (rest assured no pandas are going hungry as this bamboo is a particular species that pandas don’t like!)
♥ has neutral tones of bamboo, allowing the necklace to be worn with almost any color, making getting ready in the morning that much quicker and easier
♥ is a unique design, only found at One Happy Leaf
♥ is lightweight, meaning it can be worn all day with ease
♥ measures 4.3″ (11 cm) across and approximately 2.9″ (7.5 cm) in height (highest point to lowest) on a 20 in (51 cm) antique bronze chain. 

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