Giraffe brooch - African animal jewellery by One Happy Leaf

Giraffe brooch

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This happy giraffe is looking for a new home! Imagine how cute she will look popping out of your t-shirt pocket or clipped to your bag. You are fun and your accessories should reflect this! This giraffe brooch is designed for fun girls who don't take themselves to seriously. For the girls who thrive on being different and don't want to be a sheep and follow trends, this brooch is for you! A conversation starter, this cute animal brooch is destined to bring smiles from all who spot it on you!

Your One Happy Leaf badge:

♥ is made from eco-friendly bamboo (rest assured no pandas are going hungry as this bamboo is a particular species that pandas don’t like!)
♥ has neutral tones of bamboo, allowing the badge to be worn with almost any color, making getting ready in the morning that much quicker and easier
♥ is a unique design, only found at One Happy Leaf
♥ is lightweight, meaning it can be worn all day with ease
♥ measures approximately 0.8″ (2 cm) across and 1.9″ (5 cm) in height
♥ is beautifully boxed, ready to be gifted
♥ is shipped in recyclable packaging

One Happy Leaf is committed to making the world greener. For every order placed, we plant a tree through the Foundation for the National Parks and Wildlife.

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