Everyday necklace - eco-friendly jewellery by One Happy Leaf

Necklace - Summer Joy (wholesale)

This casual necklace is destined to be your favourite while browsing the weekend markets. The minimal necklace is sophisticated, yet understated adding a "down to earth" vibe to your outfit. Necklace is on a 28 in (72 cm) antique bronze chain. 

The One Happy Leaf necklace:

♥ is made from eco-friendly bamboo (rest assured no pandas are going hungry as this bamboo is a particular species that pandas don’t like!)
♥ has neutral tones of bamboo, allowing the necklace to be worn with almost any color, making getting ready in the morning that much quicker and easier
♥ measures 2.1″ (5.5 cm) across and approximately 1.5″ (4 cm) in height

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