Indoor plants: do they have any benefit?

by Kate Hall April 23, 2018

Indoor plants: do they have any benefit?

House plants are soaring in popularity. A trendy vine hanging from the bookshelf, or a peace lily nestled on the kitchen bench, are all common sites in our homes. It’s not just because of their beauty. A lush house plant does add a classy touch, but you may not know that it does wonders for your body, mind, and soul too.

The benefits of a house plant

What’s keeping us alive right now? Oxygen. And what do house plants emit? Oxygen! No wonder we feel more alive than ever when we are out in nature, surrounded by green beauties. House plants absorb carbon dioxide (which we release), and release oxygen (which we absorb).

Indoor plants are also proven to have stress reducing qualities for those around them. Interior greenery can help reduce sick days at offices, decrease mistakes, and ensure a more calming workplace environment. You know that feeling when you’re around nature, and you instantly feel more calm? Perhaps it’s the increased offer of oxygen, but whatever the case, plants can help you keep your ‘zen’.

Indoor plant benefits

If you struggle to tick off your to-do lists, house plants can assist with this too. They are proven to increase productivity, and inspire your creativity. You’ll find house plants in the home offices of writers and artists, office spaces with creatives, and even schools.

To add to the benefits of our green friends, plants emote a sense of well-being. They encourage us to recover from illness faster, reduce anxiety, and improve our self-esteem. A house plant can even urge you to look after yourself, eat healthier, and take timeout from the craziness of life.

5 top house plants

  1. The Spider Plant: the most popular for those known as ‘plant-killer’s, the spider plant is one of the easiest to grow, and great for forgetful growers. It removes formaldehyde and xylene from the air, whilst producing tiny flowers to enjoy.

  2. The Peace Lily: a personal favourite, the peace lily blooms fragrant flowers, and in keeping with its title, evokes peacefulness. The peace lily has major air cleaning abilities, and droops to show you when it needs some TLC.

  3. The Bamboo Palm: growing up to 12 feet high, this tall fella increases all benefits because of its great size; more oxygen, air purifying, and beauty. The bamboo palm is pet friendly, and a beautiful decoration.

  4. Philodendron Xanadu: an indoor plant for the floral lover, the unique colouring of a philodendron, adds a pop of colour to your home. They rid the air of xylene, which is found in glues and leathers.

  5. Air plant (Tillandsia): these literal ‘air plants’ filter dust, mould, and bacteria in the air, helping you fight off colds and avoid illnesses.  They don’t need soil to grow, meaning they are great for a home terrarium.

 Benefits of indoor plants

House plant inspiration

If you’re new to the house plant world, here are our top 3 house plant enthusiasts who will help you turn your home into a green sanctuary.

  1. Homestead Brooklyn- how to make terrariums, care for your plants, and general inspiration for reconnecting yourself to nature

  2. Urban Jungle Bloggers- plant styling ideas, and DIY projects

  3. The Plant Hunter- an online magazine which celebrates plants and the varied ways humans interact with them

Kate Hall
Kate Hall


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