What One Happy Leaf means to me

What One Happy Leaf means to me

April 26, 2016

What One Happy Leaf means to me

In 2013 I started to imagine a world where style with sustainability was the norm, not the exception.

So that year I founded One Happy Leaf on the belief that style doesn't need to (literally) cost the earth. And conversely, style shouldn't be compromised to be considered eco-friendly!  

One Happy Leaf jewellery has allowed me to extend my beliefs outside my home in Perth, Australia to across the world. From Japan to the Unites States, from Germany to New Zealand, from South Africa to the United Kingdom + beyond.

In a consumer driven world, I am devoted to creating products that don't harm the world. So when you purchase jewellery from One Happy Leaf (or any organisation that supports sustainability in their products), you aren't just buying a piece of jewellery, you are joining a movement. You are making a statement as to how you want to see the world

One Happy Leaf exists to prove that it is possible to be beautifully styled, authentically you + environmentally concious. I hope One Happy Leaf inspires you to live a simpler + kinder life without harming the world. Collectively we can be better, by doing better


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