Veggie patch delights: Spring

by Anna Anagno September 12, 2017

Veggie patch delights: Spring

As we kiss winter goodbye and do a little happy dance that the sun is shining, I wanted to share with you the food that I grew in my little urban farm during the colder months. It's not really a farm, not even close considering I live in the middle of suburbia with a tiny plot of land, but I quite like calling my veggie patch a farm. 

Over the last three months we grew, ate and shared: 
Leaf  Over 100 juicy lemons
Leaf  About 50 mandarins
Leaf  Over 40 loquats
Leaf  10 giant sweet potatoes
Leaf  2 fennel bulbs
Leaf  Spinach leaves for healthy lunches
Leaf  Endless chilli, mint, thyme, parsley, mint and basil
Leaf  A small handful of raspberries, tomatoes and blueberries

Slow living growing vegetables Australia

The veggie patches and fruit trees are pretty low maintenance, I don't put any pesticides or insecticides on them so I guess I could say that they are organically grown. I also throw the occasional bag of cow manure on them (yes, it's a stinky day when that happens). 

Again, the fruits and veggies didn't give me a feast, but the produce was tastier than anything I have ever bought in a shop. Plus, I feel more connected to nature when I know that I grew the food myself.

Do you grow your own food? If so, what do you grow? What is the easiest thing you have ever grown in your backyard?

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Anna Anagno
Anna Anagno


Anna is the founder and designer behind One Happy Leaf - an eternal optimist, suburban veggie grower, coffee lover + chronic cat cuddler. She believes that together we can make small sustainable changes to our lives to make the world better + greener than yesterday.

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