You asked for it! 4 new necklaces for you.

by Anna Anagno March 28, 2016

New products launched

Top left - Olive necklace

Top right - Juniper necklace

Bottom left - Acacia necklace

Bottom right - Willow necklace

Four new necklaces were launch last week as part of the 2016 Thrive collection. These necklace designs were inspired by nature, and this collection specifically represents the curves in tree leaves, seed pods and seedlings. These lightweight statement necklaces are becoming my favourite everyday accessory. 

New jewellery pieces will be launched every month so sign up to Happy Mail to be the first to know.

Anna Anagno
Anna Anagno


Anna is the founder and designer behind One Happy Leaf - an eternal optimist, suburban veggie grower, coffee lover + chronic cat cuddler. She believes that together we can make small sustainable changes to our lives to make the world better + greener than yesterday.

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