Happy People - Suzanne

by Anna Pardini September 22, 2017

Happy People - Suzanne

We think our One Happy Leaf customers are pretty amazing people, so much so that they deserve the spotlight! Our next Happy Person is Suzanne, who wore One Happy Leaf earrings and cufflinks on her wedding day. So lets find out more about Suzanne....


Where do you live?

Maryland, USA

What One Happy Leaf products do you own?

I own the heart-shaped stud earrings and heart-shaped cufflinks and have hopes to purchase more for myself and for gifts for friends and family later on. I wore the heart-shaped stud earrings on my wedding day over the very expensive diamond earrings I had planned to wear and received so many compliments! 

Whats your favourite thing about One Happy Leaf?

Everything was packaged so thoughtfully and in an environmentally friendly way. Everything available to purchase is simple and sweet. 

How would your friends describe you?

 Reliable. Responsible. Fun-loving.

What inspires you and what are you passionate about in life?

Doing small things that matter a lot. Being friendly and taking the higher road no matter the situation. Helping others' understand their life experiences may not be that of someone else's. 

What are the top 5 things you love to do on the weekend?

1. I love to drink coffee outside.
2. I love to take the dog on walks around the lake with my wife.
3. Oddly enough, I enjoy catching up on household chores.
4. Large family dinners with parents, siblings and nieces/nephews.
5. Watch sporting events (in-person when possible!)


Are you a Happy customer and would like to be interviewed too? Send me an email via hello@onehappyleaf.com 

Anna Pardini
Anna Pardini


Anna is the founder and designer behind One Happy Leaf - an eternal optimist, suburban veggie grower, coffee lover + chronic cat cuddler. She believes that together we can make small sustainable changes to our lives to make the world better + greener than yesterday.

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