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We planted a forest!

July 13, 2017

We planted a forest!


The numbers are in! Because of your jewellery purchases, we were able to plant 508 trees between the 1st July 2016 to the 30th June 2017! Just to give you a little visual, the picture above has 508 trees. Now that's a lot of trees!


We are thrilled that our environmentally conscious business is making a small difference to the earth. It won't replace the estimated 7 billion trees that are cut down every year, but it's our contribution in creating a greener (and happier) world. 

The trees were planted through the Foundation for the Natural Parks and Wildlife and the Nature Conservancy. These trees were planted in Australia, United States, China and South America. Check out their good work!

We will continue to plant a tree for every order placed through One Happy Leaf. We look forward to doubling this number over the next 12 months! If you would like to stay updated with the number of trees we have planted, subscribe to Happy Mail here.


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