Puzzle piece earrings - One Happy Leaf

Puzzle piece earrings

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♥ When you become the sole carer and owner of these cute puzzle piece earrings, you can wear them proudly knowing that:

a) you are helping the environment (woot!) as bamboo is a renewable resource
b) this is a one of a kind One Happy Leaf design (less likely to have those awkward moments of "oh, you are wearing the same thing I am" - Ek!), and

If you live outside of Australia there is a bonus:
c) whenever someone compliments you on your earrings, you can say "thank you, I bought them from a boutique Australian artist"

Nice :D

♥ These cute puzzle piece earrings are a pair that fit together!
♥ Puzzle pieces are approximately 0.3 inches (1 cm) in length on surgical steel studs (to protect sensitive ears).

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